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Talent Pool  Our pool of talents at your disposal
About Talent Pool
In response to growing demand, Asia Talent is launching a service called "Talent Pool".

Talent Pool is simply that, a collection of talented experienced researchers, operations and technical support people skilled at what they do and able to assist in "overload" situations.

Our Researchers are all at Associate Director level and above, capable of interpreting data, preparing reports, and presenting findings. These are insightful researchers in the interpretation and reporting of output, each is very proficient in written and spoken English, all are able to work remotely, effectively and efficiently.

Our Operations and Technical people have vast experience at Manager level and above, capable of working on single situation and multiple needs requirements. Their expertise covers all aspects of operations, technical support and training, software implementation, modification and transference.

Talent Pool people are available on a casual or contract basis - as your needs require. Beyond solving the "overload" scenario, they are available to participate in conference calls, attend meetings and presentations and, if necessary, contribute at presentations. Alternatively, they can operate remotely, from anywhere in the region to service your requirements anywhere in the region.

Our fee basis is as flexible as our team!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and our solution.
Companies who wish to use this service, do not hesitate to contact either Andrew or Pauline for more information. We'll be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.