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"Welcome to Asia Talent" 
We at Asia Talent are here to serve - be you a researcher seeking a new challenge and opportunity or an employer seeking talented researchers with appropriate skills, experience and expertise.

We are researchers, with years of accumulated agency and client side experience working in most markets in Asia and beyond.

We work with employers operating either in single markets or across our region - We focus on research, insights, analysis and analytics, digital and media.

We work with the most talented researchers with skills, experience and expertise across research and insights techniques, methodologies and industry sectors.
We are in Asia, for Asia
To Asia Talent, working closely and effectively with employers is vital to our success in ensuring we address their needs: to acquire the most appropriately skilled and experienced candidates and to ensure the best cultural fit.

For that to happen beyond words requires developing, maintaining and enhancing relationships with our partners - both employees and employers. Asia Talent has been fortunate in fostering strong relationships with the best employers and most dedicated researchers in our region and beyond.

Partnerships will always be vital for all parties and will continue to be a core focus of Asia Talent as we grow with our employees and employers.
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Our Philosophy
"Asia Talent does not profess to be all things to all people. Asia Talent focuses exclusively on the market research industry and its needs in the region."
How We Operate
- Our standard fee is 20% of annual remuneration.
- We only charge for successful placement.
- We issue invoice upon the candidate's 1st day at work.
- Please contact us for a copy of our Terms & Conditions.
- We do not, under any circumstances, charge you a fee.
- We do not, under any circumstances, send your CV to companies without your prior consent.
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