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Candidate Information 
Resume Hints
Candidates, a few hints regarding your resume;
It is preferred by many potential employers that your resume is prepared in a standard word format. Sorry if this advice compromises your inspiration and flair,
Brevity is best - a resume of 2/3 pages is more likely to be thoroughly read than that which approximates War and Peace. Do not cramp many pages into 2 or 3. Be generous with margins and spacing - summarise!
Save your "war stories" for recitation during the interview - they can detract from the focus of your resume.
The resume provides a great way to provide a concise precise of your skills and strengths - so summarise with bullets before you provide your employment history.
Present your employment history, very clearly, in sequential date order from most recent back.
Academic and other qualifications, awards, courses and interests should follow your employment history.
Awards and courses attended should be summarised.
Much as we don't want to stifle your creativity, there are a few simply rules you should follow regarding lay-out and style of your resume. For instance;
Stay with the more traditional (serif style) type face - e.g: Palatino, Bookman, Times, Courier, Souvenir.
No matter how great the temptation, please do not use italics.
Resist the urge - do not mix type face. Use Bold and Bullets to highlight.
While this may all appear to be a glimpse of the blindingly obvious, it is surprising that many candidates do not follow this formulae.
These suggestions have been based on feedback from potential employers - the same people you will try very hard to impress and present a compelling reason why they MUST employ you.
Candidate Profile Template
Fill up this document and email us along with your resume.
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Country Information 
When contemplating the possibility of moving to a new country it is worthwhile, before you are overcome with the euphoria of “relocating”, doing what you do best – research. We strongly suggest you thoroughly research the desired destination.

It is quite likely your Consulate or Embassy in your chosen destination has very useful information covering such aspects as cost of living, finding accommodation, income tax, local customs and nuances, transport options, visa and work permit requirements plus much more.

To supplement that information, you may find the following web-sites helpful;
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
We provide these sites as a guide only based on our finding them helpful. There is no commercial involvement between any site and asia talent. We welcome your critique of the sites and suggestions as to others we could list.
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